Monday, April 9, 2007


So here it finally is... I succumbed to the power of the blog. I guess I don't even really know what the word blog means or what it is, but I will go with it. Maybe one of my fellow "bloggers" can help me out there instead of me looking it up. Nonetheless it does seem to be an easy way to communicate ideas to the "world" or housemates, whether or not they are currently in the next room. It also provides a shield that may be the difference maker in saying something that you wouldn't necessarily say to someones face. It's kind of like when you really like this girl but you are shy, so you talk to her on instant messenger instead of calling her. That brings up another point that I guess I can get to later in my new "blog" of the utter uselessness of two-way and text messaging. So now that I have no idea where I am going with this, here's a thought.

My manager from my job this summer (yes I sold Cutco knives) said to me in some context that I don't remember, "we're here for a good time, not a long time". At the time it sounded done up like a fraternity saying or something so I sort of wrote it off. As time has passed since that day I have thought more about it and it's validity. I guess most of us from this generation will live like (insert extrapolated average lifespan here) years, but I am 20 years old which is like more than a fifth of my total time here on the planet, which is significant. Where does the time go? My point is that I have like a maximum of (insert extrapolated average lifespan minus 20 here) years of LIFE left, part of which will be time that I can do nothing but watch things like the Masters on the T.V. in my retirement home. Back to the whole quote thing, I have really been trying to live by the whole "good time" part of what she (my manager) said to me. It's kind of like a carpe diem type, sappy motivational wake-up call. I guess if I can adhere to this kind of mentality on a day to day basis throughout my life, I won't have any regrets. If I can influence anyone else to do the same, it will be that much better. And by all means, if I stray from this mindset, please knock me back on the right path. Contribute to society, love people, have a "good time" and EXPERIENCE LIFE.